Dealing with pests without pesticides

Dealing with pests without pesticides

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As pretty as this Red Lilly Beetle is on a Lupin plant leaf, you certainly don't want him anywhere near your lilies. They decimate the foliage and can cause damage to your bulbs, potentially preventing the plant from flowering altogether.   If you see these anywhere near your ...
Getting Ready for Spring Planting

Getting Ready for Spring Planting

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I for one am ready for spring to finally arrive so I can further nurture my garden.   I am a big advocate of our bees and refuse to put any pesticides or fungicides in my garden to keep my pet, kids and our neighborhood critters safe. This is why I focus on selecting good quality ...
PlayHealthy Gardening Tips for Successful Lawns and Plants

Healthy Gardening Tips for Successful Lawns and Plants

By Dean CTIPS1 comments
The World Wide Web is full of healthy gardening tips. It can be a bit overwhelming for people looking to improve their garden. However, two general considerations will take you far.   The first is your soil. The soil in many urban developments is often a thin layer of topsoil ...
PlayMaking your Garden Pet Friendly – A Few Easy Tips

Making your Garden Pet Friendly – A Few Easy Tips

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Making your garden pet friendly is an imperative for anyone who owns a dog. Our canine friends require a fair bit of maintenance. Making a garden dog friendly requires some inventive thinking – and training.   Dogs like to dig. And if there are open dirt beds, they will merrily ...
PlayEssential Fall Tasks Promote a Healthier Garden

Essential Fall Tasks Promote a Healthier Garden

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There are a number of essential fall garden tasks that must be undertaken to ensure a healthy garden, come spring time.   When it comes to the lawn, autumn is the perfect time to undertake a bit of "doctoring”. The soil pH can be adjusted with lime or sulphur, depending on levels ...
PlayLawn Mowing Tips

Lawn Mowing Tips

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Lawn mowing is the most common gardening activity and there is no shortage of lawn mowing tips. Much of it is common sense – like keeping your machinery in good shape and cleaning it after mowing. But other lawn mowing tips may come as a surprise to gardeners.   For example, ...
PlayPurchase and Maintain High Quality Sod

Purchase and Maintain High Quality Sod

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High-Quality Sod is Essential if You Want Your Lawn to Flourish   The three main factors in the success of a lawn are the caliber of the sod, the availability of water, and nutrient dense soil with proper PH balance and texture. Other elements that promote the health and appearance ...
PlayHow to grow bigger veggies

How to grow bigger veggies

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How Can I Grow Bigger Veggies?   That's a question that gardeners have been asking since the dawn of agriculture! Experts agree that the most efficient way to naturally increase the size of your vegetables -- and the yield of your garden -- is to enhance the health of your soil. ...
PlayHow to Prune Your Plants and Flowers

How to Prune Your Plants and Flowers

Wondering How to Prune Your Plants and Flowers?   Most plants can benefit from regular pruning and cutting back. Flowering plants will bloom more fully and beautifully, berry plants grow larger fruit and vegetable plants give higher yields. As well, pruning helps to keep plants ...
PlaySeparate your lawn and garden

Separate your lawn and garden

How Do You Separate Your Lawn from Your Garden?   You can separate your lawn and garden by elevating flowerbeds or vegetable plots. This technique eliminates the need for time-consuming weeding of plots or spading the edges of your lawn, and it also has advantages for growing. ...
PlayHealthy Lawn Tips and Tricks

Healthy Lawn Tips and Tricks

The Most Effective Healthy Lawn Tips and Tricks Start with Preparing Your Soil   The most important tip for growing a lawn that will be the envy of the neighbourhood is: prepare the soil. Good soil will give your lawn the maximum potential to flourish. A superb lawn requires ...

Wallet-Friendly Ways to Nurture Your Garden

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There are many wallet-friendly ways to nurture your garden without breaking the bank. Below you will find many cost effective gardening tips to help grow your garden and your savings.   Use Topsoil   Both topsoil and garden soil are widely available, making it tough ...

Vegetable Garden Soil; Unique Niagara Lawn Alternatives

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If you’ve been tasked with the tedious task of cutting the lawn, you’re familiar with the  noisy mower and the headache it inevitably causes! There is of course that ‘I could be doing anything else’ feeling. Well, luckily for Niagara home owners willing to take the plunge and ...
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